The Mindset

Let's be honest. Life is pretty sh*tty most of the time, and a large majority of us can say that we've fallen on hard times on more than one occasion. Hell, we're probably all dealing with something right now! NVR STL is and continues to be a mindset that embodies humanity's struggle to live on to see tomorrow.

Jordan Peterson said it best, "We're built for struggle." Human evolution didn't give us the sharpest claws, fangs, most potent venom, or blinding speed. If we were just basing "survival-of-the-fittest" off physical characteristics humans would definitely not be on top. But our gift is something even more remarkable than the largest claws. Endurance. Human beings were made to endure.

Scientifically speaking, we've developed a unique form of perspiration that allows us to deal with unfavorable temperatures/climates and this ability to sweat has placed us well above even the most ferocious predators because we're able to literally run our prey to death. Even more important than the science behind it is however, just the idea that humanity was the only species on Earth that was able to evolve such a distinct survival characteristic is a testament to our determination to survive, with what "little we have." As humans continued to evolve, our minds flourished with new ideas and systems that would further improve our survival, and you have the result of where we are today.

When you rep NVR STL, you acknowledge that life can be difficult, but to submit and to back down from the infinite potential you have is a complete waste of the endurance that is innate within all of us. Many people will discourage your dreams, your goals, and your aspirations, they will tell you that there is no point in embracing your passions, your creativity, and your imagination.

At the end of the day you must make it through that fog of mediocrity with that fire raging within you, telling you that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you will NVR STL.

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